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My name is Cinnamen Johnson and I am passionate about assisting my clients on their journey to health, happiness and harmony.

I am an intuitive alternate therapy practitioner, assisting in balancing my clients’ emotional, energetic, mental and physical wellbeing. My technique, Integral Healing Therapy, uses many of the modalities I have been acquiring since 2005 to guide my clients in their own healing and reinforcing the recipient’s ability to take responsibility for their life. Most of the treatments can be selected on their own or as a combined service. Integral Healing Therapy is a bespoke alternate treatment that is tailored to each individual infusing intuitive talk therapy, sound instruments, breath work, meditation, hands on/hands off energy and body work. During the session clients usually feel very relaxed and leave feeling calm and balanced.

Body, mind, and spirit are not separate but function as one integrated system, so the key to health is finding balance as a whole. Integral Healing Therapy is a wonderful way to help individuals achieve this balance holistically.

I have been on a journey of self-evolution learning various energy healing and spiritual modalities to transform my life and those that I work with. I blend my intuitive, body, energy healing and conscious/subconscious reframing techniques to guide my clients in revolutionizing their inner and outer states. I encourage my clients to participate in their own healing and I reinforce the recipient’s ability to take responsibility for their life.

I believe working integrally is the key to deeper wellbeing. Combining physical, energetic, conscious/subconscious modalities has greater impact in guiding clients towards shifting their limiting beliefs, past traumas, energetic distortions, physical and emotional challenges.

I am based in London and work one to one, in person or remotely via Skype. My remote sessions are equally powerful as in-person sessions. I host events once a month in London or online. I also have free material on my Facebook page.


Integral Healing Therapy is a bespoke treatment using a combination of some of the energy and body healing techniques above, psychically channelled and tailored specifically for individual clients.


Sound Healing

Reflexology: I offer three styles to suit individual needs, ClassicFacial rejuvenationPregnancy (pre-conception through to postnatal).


Angel Energy®

House Rebalancing – House and building energy rebalancing