Reiki and Seichem Healing


What is Reiki/Seichem Healing?

At the end of the 19th century, a healing method was rediscovered in ancient Sanskrit texts by a Japanese scholar, Mikaomi Usui. He called it reiki (pronounced ray-key) a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy’.

Reiki/Seichem is performed by the ‘laying-on of hands’ while the client remains fully clothed on a massage couch or seated in a chair. The practitioner channels this life energy through their hands to the recipient for the purposes of healing the body, mind and spirit.

The practitioner’s hand positions correspond to the energy centres of the body and their associated organs. The practitioner may work ‘hands off’ to facilitate deeper healing in the energy field.

It is said to accelerate the body’s ability to heal physical ailments, opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease and pain, reinforcing the recipients ability to take responsibility for their life. It is a very relaxing treatment and clients have commented on anxiety and stress relief after having a treatment.

The number of treatments depends upon the root cause of the problem and the amount of energy needed to restore the well-being.

Reiki healing benefits physical, mental and emotional health. Some people feel very relaxed and may even fall asleep, and some can feel an emotional release. The healing sensation can feel hot or cold, waves of energy and tingling.

Seichem (pronounced say-keem) works in the same way as reiki, with hands placed on the body, but in addition hands may be working in the aura which surrounds the body. It is reputedly one of the healing arts practised in ancient Egypt. Reiki is one of the four elemental rays which make up seichem – earth (reiki), water, air and fire.

Seichem and Crystal Reiki. This technique of Reiki incorporates crystals layouts and grids on and around the body to balance the meridians and auric field, assisting the body in its own natural healing process.

Clients have been witness to many healings great and small, physical and emotional. Healing is given in a non-intrusive hands-on treatment and the recipient remains fully clothed. Reiki and seichem are very powerful, working on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; they also promote deep relaxation. Reiki has no association with religion, faith or belief system, and can be received by anyone who is willing to be healed.

Healing is a gentle hands-on technique working with energy to release any blockages in the body. Promotes and accelerates the healing process, helping with stress.

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• Holistic healing combination treatments – Reflexology and Reiki.
To achieve a deeper level of healing, I combine reiki and reflexology treamtents. Firstly, I begin by treating the auric field and energy centres using reiki and seichem techniques and then go on to treating the physical body to assist balance and alignment through the reflex points on the feet. This is a very powerful session where I look at your lifestyle holistically and tailor the session to your physical and energetic needs. The treatment is done fully clothed and only the socks need to be removed. Sessions can be  60 or 90 minutes,  including consultation.