Integral Energy Healing


Integral Healing Therapy is a bespoke treatment that is tailored to each individual infusing Intuitive Talk Therapy, hands on/hands off energy and body work. Personally developed infusing two or more of the following healing techniques: ReflexologyEnergy HealingReikiShamanic HealingThetaHealingSound HealingSilent Counselling and Angel Therapy.

Sometimes an individual needs only physical, sometimes energy work, or both and it assists each person in their own healing process and offer a reinforcement to make positive changes in their life, or simply to be supported and nurtured.

What happens in a Bespoke Treatment?

The session begins with an intuitive consultation to decide what is the best healing modality for the session, depending if you wish to work on something particular in your life or if you simply wish to experience the treatment. The session can assist in connecting with or clearing emotions, physical and energy stagnation or blockages in life. It is about harmonising body, biofield, mind and soul.

During the session, information is channelled from scanning the biofield and body to intuit which techniques are most useful for the session on that particular day. Clients lie fully clothed and relax into the healing treatment.

The session ends with a follow-up consultation discussion of the session. A 90-minute session is most beneficial for this treatment.

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This technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.