Integral Energy Healing


Cinnamen has developed her Integral Healing Therapy to incorporate many of the modalities she has acquired since beginning her training in 2005. These techniques help her guide clients in their own healing and reinforcing the recipient’s ability to take responsibility for their life. Most of the treatments – Reflexology, Energy Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, ThetaHealing and Angel Therapy – can be selected on their own or as a combined service. Integral Healing Therapy is a bespoke alternate treatment that is tailored to each individual infusing Intuitive Talk Therapy, hands on/hands off energy and body work. During the session clients usually feel very relaxed and leave feeling calm and balanced.

Bespoke Treatment

For body, mind and soul. Cinnamen begins the session with an intuitive consultation to decide what is the best healing for the session depending if you wish to work on something particular in your life or if you just wish to experience the treatment. Cinnamen can assist you in working on your emotions, physical & energy body or blockages in your life.

During the session Cinnamen channels information and is guided which techniques are most useful for the session and tailors this to what is best for you on the day. Clients lay fully clothed, apart from socks off and relax into the healing treatment.

The session ends with a follow up consultation discussion of the session. If you choose to, Cinnamen also will offer you a tarot/oracle card reading at the end of the session for added guidance regarding the treatment. The first session is a two hour process and the subsequent visits are one hour and a half.

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This technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.