House Rebalancing


Dowsing is the ancient technique using a special device called a divining rod or pendulum to locate imbalances under ground or inside buildings which can detect geopathic stresses.

The practioner locates the energy disturbances and clears and rebalances the energy distortions in the home. This creates…
• harmony in the home
• emotional wellness
• improves health
• more harmonious relationships
• better sleep patterns
• improved mental clarity

Geopathic stress, otherwise known as black lines/negative earth energy, is now acknowledged as a health and emotional hazard. Geopathic stress is earth energy that has been traumatised by mining, building sites, underground trains, roadworks, war zones, murders, hospital sites and anywhere that has been subject to negative thought forms and trauma. When the earth has been healed, the energy is restored along with the harmony of the space and the people who enter it.

Healing is done remotely from my home and for a day or two afterwards I will check that everything remains positive. Then I will check monthly for six months, free of charge, to make sure that your home remains balanced.

After the six months is up, you may want to contact me if you think your home needs more healing. I can do a special check to see if more work is needed and we can arrange another appointment.

I will need your full name and postal address and a brief description of your problem. Plus, please send me a simple hand-drawn sketch map – a bird’s-eye view of the ground floor, in proportion but not necessarily exactly to scale. Please don’t add dimensions because this clutters up the picture, making it difficult for me to see the energy lines. Photograph your drawing, making sure it is well lit and taken directly from above, not at an angle, then email the photo to me. Or, if it is more convenient, scan the drawing and email it as a pdf attachment.