Facial rejuvenation

Facial reflexology is a holistic treatment to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. As well as improved glowing appearance, the recipient of a session will feel de-stressed and relaxed. It works by refining the blood circulation and nerve conduction in the multiple nerves and blood vessels in the face, encouraging the release of harmful toxins and waste products via the lymphatic system.

The actual face reflexology sequence encourages oxygenation of the skin tissues and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, essential for improving the quality and appearance of the skin. Reflex points corresponding to different organs of the body rebalance the body systems and help clear blockages in the energy pathways known as zones or meridians. These points almost instantly produce endorphins leaving the recipient with a feeling of well-being. After a treatment session, the face will feel and look smoother and more toned. It is like having a ‘mini face lift’ by helping to build up new skin tissue and improve skin tone, giving a glowing overall visage.

The treatment includes massage techniques from three ancient healing traditions, Chinese, Vietnamese and Andean tribal body energy meridians and acupuncture points which assist on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A natural oil is used on the face, neck, shoulders and on scalp/hair.. Upper clothing is removed to allow access to massage.

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• I cannot treat clients if they are suffering from fever/flu or facial coldsores.