Angel Therapy


Angel Therapy® is a gentle treatment to harmonise and bring about more inner peace through healing with the angels. This self-empowering technique is a nurturing and loving experience that is uniquely guided by the angels specifically for you.

Cinnamen’s caring approach assists in balancing the chakra meridians, cleansing the auric field of negative disturbances and releasing emotional negative energy attachments. She channels the angelic realm to assist you in your healing journey by using a hands-on, hands off method by combining one or more of the above techniques and may incorporate crystals to assist in the healing sessions where guided. An angel reading is usually combined within the one hour session.

Your session may include:
• Chakra clearing and balancing- enhances energy levels, intuition, creativity and inner calm.
• Crystal and Colour Angelic healing – working with the Archangels and Crystals to aid in healing and balance.
• Invoking the Angels and Archangels to enhance clearer connection to the angelic realm.
• Energy Clearing – releasing negative and draining energies to bring about a new lease on life.
• Etheric cord cutting- releasing emotional and fear-formed attachments to situations and people that have been draining or blocking forward movement.
• Etheric Vacuuming – a gentle yet very powerful technique by removal of psychic dirt, toxins and negative energy from your body and auric field – enhances good energy and lifts anger and depression.

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This technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.