Cinnamen’s story

Since 2003, I have been on my healing journey of learning and transforming my own life, while also gathering experience to help others evolve and heal. I have had clairvoyant insights since childhood but it wasn’t until later in life I began to develop and integrate them into my healing work. I always knew I wanted to make people feel happy and well, it’s what has driven me to study and develop my practice. I moved from my home of birth, Australia to travel the world and connect to my Italian roots by living in Europe and settling in London.

I have worked as a hairdresser for many years which has allowed me to learn much about human behaviour. After years of losing my way, I decided to stop hiding from who I was and follow the path I was meant to. I have had a very challenging life, yet somehow I kept pushing forward and the knowledge gained from my own experiences and through study has allowed me to assist my clients in various ways. I no longer wanted to be a victim of my past but a victor. I began on my path to learn to be an energy intuitive healer and to develop my psychic awareness.

I have been blessed to study and practice techniques of Shamanism, these incredibly powerful ancient systems, by my renowned Mexican Toltec Shaman teacher. I have become passionate about ceremonies and rituals and I host events to bring about group healing with sound, breath meditation and shadow healing.

I became a passionate student of martial arts, which helped me to swap my party-girl lifestyle for kung fu, qi gong, and meditation. I briefly lived with Buddhist monks in China practicing Shaolin and Gulun kung fu and spent time under the guidance of many teachers at various schools. Experiencing this, I was able to have a clearer understanding of energy, spirituality and life.

As one of my teachers told me, “We are always the student and learning does not stop.” So here I find myself the practitioner and the student. I believe in seeking to evolve myself in order to be of greater service to others. My mission in life is to help others connect to their potential and courage to live a life that they desire, to discover the opportunity to evoke deep transformation.